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Decorating walls before ceiling is plastered

Moving into house next weekend and intending to have the artex ceilings plastered over the next few months but eager to decorate rest of rooms ASAP. is it worth painting the ceilings now or leaving them until we get round to having them plastered , also will we be ok painting walls prior to ceilings being plastered or does it just depend on how tidy the plasterer does their bit.

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If it was my property I'd get straight in there and start painting. The difference time wise between decorating an empty room and a room full of furniture is quite dramatic.
If you're using a wipable paint all the better as plaster splashes can be wiped off; a good plasterer will make very little mess. At the very worst you might have some touching up to do but I'd rather do this than decorate a house full of furniture, curtains, carpets, people, pets, etc.
You've got six days before you move in; go for it.


Answered 21st May 2016

I wouldn't recommend decorating before having the ceiling plastered as there can be a lot of mess left after plasterer as finished , would be best to wait , hope Iv been some help 👍


Answered 21st May 2016

I would strongly advise that painting be done after plasterer no matter how good he is he will not be able to stop anything going on walls


Answered 21st May 2016

It would be time and effort wasted if you were to decorated before plastering is complete . Lots of splashes agsint the walls


Answered 7th Nov 2017

You never ever decorate ,then get a wet trade in .Its suicidal for numerous reasons ..Too many to list but a big big big no no .


Answered 12th Nov 2017

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