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No damp proof membrane

I had a lovely wooden floor and some damp patches started to appear. I have had the insurance out and the trace and access can't find a leak but have found that I have no damp proof membrane in the extension.
Two questions:
1. How do I dry the floor, and can I just put a liquid membrane down before putting a new floor on, or do I have to dig up all the contretemps, dry and then membrane?
2. Can I report the guy who did the would have been 11 years ago as he got past building regs but put no membrane down. If I can, who do I report him to?

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If the floor is in sound condition and not heaving or cracking you can put tanking slurry onto the surface and cover with a floor level compound to give a wearable surface. after 11 years i dont think building control or trading standards would advise to take it further. but its worth asking the question


Answered 2nd Nov 2016

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