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I have a enclosed quadrant shower. on the ceiling i have used ordinary 8mm plasterboard. is this o.k with a plaster skim & bathroom paint?

It is an old cottage & the gap between the top of the shower doors & the underside of the floor joists is only arround 11mm. I have been told the moisture resistant green board is not good for ceilings as it sags. At 10mm it is probably also to deep. The hardibacker board is also too deep & too heavy. An alternative was to use a sheet of plastic or the plastic cladding boards. These however, seem very expensive & I was concerned about water dripping from it & condensation. The ordinary 8mm plasterboard fits well & seems to be the best option if it can be protected. Your advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Thank you for all the replies. I have fitted a shower light/extractor in the ceiling so hopefully with the moisture resistant paint it should be o.k.

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The board if fitted and screwed correctly and plastered should be fine I would suggest that an anti-condensation mildew resistant paint be used.

There are specialist paints which absorb 40% of moisture but these are pricey for such a small area.

If the condensation from the shower is an issue, is there no opportunity to install an extract in the shower area? it would ned to be a low voltage IP rated model but this would assist.

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Answered 20th Oct 2011

There is only a small gap above the shower door as you state, provided the plasterboard is skimmed correctly, and then coated with at least 2 coats of proper bathroom emulsion, it should be ok.
However, because you appear to have a very low ceiling, an extractor fan if not already fitted would help to remove condensation.


Answered 20th Oct 2011

Ventilation is the most important factor.
The thickness of the plasterboard is irrelevent but the coating is important.

Ensure that a extractor fan or even a dehumidifier is fitted o avoid any mould or mildew forming.


Answered 27th Oct 2011

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