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Soil pipe connection to sewer vent


I am not sure if I am using the right terminology to describe my problem, but below is my question.

I got a builder to build me an ensuite bathroom upstairs. He said he will connect the soil pipe to the Sewer vent which is passing very close by. When he is about to finish the work, he found out that the Vent is a cast iron pipe and is a lot of work to cut. So he ran a very long pipe another 5m longer (than connecting to the vent) which is away from any wall and then connected to a soil pipe somewhere else.

He claims that according to building regulations, he cannot connect to the vent, which he hasn't said when taking up the work. Now I am left with very awkward looking pipes around my house.

Is my builder saying the truth? Is it not allowed to connect to the vent?

I appreciate all responses.

2 Answers from MyBuilder Bathroom Fitters

I can understand the iron being a pain but you can get rubber adapters to cut into it as long as its properly suported and wont drop, as far as im aware but dont hold me to this. As long as the vent is still vented and higher then the highest water outlet in bathroom i.e basin its ok. Maybe hes using this as a excuse your best option would be to phone your local building control and find out.


Answered 19th Oct 2011

Any good plumber will have a set of cast iron pipe cutters and should be able to install a rubber tee joint as long as the vent pipe is supported. As to the question of being allowed to connect to it as long as the pipe is taller than the highest source of waste you should have no issues


Answered 26th Oct 2011

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