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New flat + kitchen and bathroom rennovation - where to start!?

I am about to buy a new flat and as the kitchen and bathroom are in need of complete gutting, I have been advised to get quotes for renovation before I exchange. I'm trying to work out the steps/decisions I need to take to get this done...

The kitchen is currently lacking any ventilation, and the bathroom is lacking a shower. Being a leasehold I believe I need permission from the freeholder (the local council) to install these components, but since I don't have any concrete designs yet it feels a little chicken-and-egg. I'm trying to unravel it all and below is my first stab at the steps I'll need to take.

Any comments or advice would be much appreciated.

1) Ask freeholder for high-level permission/guidance on installing shower in bathroom and ventilation in Kitchen
2) Solicit Plumber to inspect bathroom and plumbing and to advise on shower and drainage options.
3) Solicit Builder to inspect Kitchen and advise on ventilation options
4) Use the free design tools of the well-known high-street DIY shops to get a rough design for the Kitchen and Bathroom
5) Confirm designs in principle with Plumber/Builder
6) Ask freeholder for explicit permission referencing the designs
7) Select a Kitchen supplier
8) Select the bathroom components direct from Builders Merchants
9) Solicit Plumbers, Electricians, Fitters from MyBuilder to give quotes on fitting the Kitchen and Bathroom/Doing the modification work

Does that seem reasonable? I am consulting tradesmen separately in steps 2/3, 5 and 9. Is this not overkill? Will each step incur a separate cost? Am I consulting the right tradesmen? Too many different types? Too few?

Many thanks for your help!

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Hi there,

Was just looking through your list to do and noticed you haven't got a locksmith within your list, moving into a new flat and not knowing who may have spare keys from the previous owners, the best thing to do before you do anything else is to change the locks because behind your front door is all your valuables.

uPVC or wooden doors and windows there is certain locks which you need so your house insurance is not void.

Get in touch for more information

Kind Regards
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Answered 17th May 2016

Hi ham_360

Looking at your process you seem to have everything covered. The first thing to do is apply for permission to carry the work out. Once you have that you can provide them with more detailed plans after consultation with tradesmen.

I would say it is slightly over kill and would prob end up costing you more using separate companies where as it would be cheaper and a lot less hassle for yourself to use a multi-trade company like ourselves that can under take all of the work your needing done. Doing it that way you would also be able to take advantage of our free quote and design service and also have acces to larger discounts that we have available at several different bathroom/kitchen companies to supply your materials


Answered 20th May 2016

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