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New carpet before or after putting the radiators back?

We've stripped our living room bare to have it fully plastered and painted, which is now nearly done. We're putting our original radiators back, but don't know whether we need to get that done before we get the new carpet fitted. Someone has scared us with the potential mess from the dirty water in the radiators - should this be drained before putting them back on, and is it unreasonable for us to expect a plumber/gas fitter to be really careful if they do put them back on after the carpet is fitted?


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Hi Dawn
It is most certainly not unreasonable to expect some to be clean and tidy, after all 9 out of 10 homes will have carpet down when changing radiators. Any good trades man will have waterproof dust sheets. Personally I would advise to get walls plastered have them white washed and if possible decorate the wall the radiator is to be hung on, install the radiator then have the carpets laid. This eliminates any possible mishaps, we are all human after all. Hope this helps.


Answered 9th May 2016

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