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I have a small (160mm square)ceiling-mounted vent axia extractor fan in shower room. it's far too noisy. any suggestions for replacing it, ideally in same hole ? thank you

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This fan will almost certainly be a centifugal type fan, which are always noisier than axial fans. My guess is that you have a fully enclosed bathroom and there is no window? if so the only ventilation is the fan.

The main reason that a centrifugal fan has been fitted is that these are more powerful than the quiter axial type fans and are capable of forcing the moist/stale air over further distances, normally through a duct which runs to the exterior of the building some metres away.

Whilst a new centrifugal fan should be quiter as it will not have worn bearings etc, care should be taken as if a whisper quite axial fan is fitted, it may not move much if any air at all and you could end up with s mould and condensation problem. Some manufacturers such as vent axia and xpelair do offer special low noise models, but these do tend to cost a bit more.

Most registered part P electricians should be able to offer you a range of suitable replacements for your existing fan. Hope this helps.


Answered 19th Oct 2011

It depends on what space you have above the roof. If it is in a loft then in-line fans are less noisy. Simply buy the fan and mount a grill ( the same size in the space left ).
On a seperate issue - vent axia is a good make, if it has always been noisy you might want to check it out before buying a replacement. Check the ducting to make sure it has been damaged or squashed. Also check that it is not too long or has any un-neccesary length in it. Loose or in-correctly fitted duct will vibrate slightly and may be your noise problem.

Hope this helps

NJM Electrical


Answered 19th Oct 2011

Is there any loft space above this shower room if so I would recommend a in line fan, this is were the fan unit it's self is in the loft and all you have at your shower is a grill , regards Alex (AM Electrical)


Answered 19th Oct 2011

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