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Is this window fitted badly? wrong size?

We have recently had our bay windows replaced from standard double glazing to upvc sash Windows (1900s house).
The window has been fitted but appears too big, they have had to cut a gap in the facia in order to fit it and the top now protrudes out about 1.5 inches beyond the facia line.
They have said this is because the previous owner altered the bay size and so a sash will now only fit in this way but I wonder if they just measured wrong and are squeezing in a too big window?

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Previous owner what! ?!
You have the windows made to measure the opening, regardless of what's in there now (before the new vs was installed )

I'd want the old fascia removing & then building out & new fascias fitting at the very least.



Answered 10th May 2016

Yes it is measured wrong needs side Windows remade


Answered 18th Dec 2018

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