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I have got qualification electrical and etronic engineering

i am looking for an apprentiship if you have got vacancies i be glad if you can get back to me to let me know the outcome of my requires t thank you for your comprehension.

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Hi mate
first part of being an apprentice is to learn how to use a spell check on your application
I hope this helps


Answered 19th Oct 2011

Kobina, i don't think that this website is really the place to be looking for employment.

Most of the tradesmen on here are likley to be sole traders or small family run firms, and therefore would be unlikely to be in a position to offer formal apprenticehips.

I would suggest you try all the major energy/utility companys; EDF, EON, UKPower networks, WPD, SSE, etc as these companies take on apprentices and graduate trainees every year.

Other good routes into electrical engineering are obviously BT, Royal Mail and the manufacturing sectors, Fords, Vauxhaul and others like that.


Answered 16th Apr 2012

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