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Regulations for distance of side door to neighbours property & standard wall thickness

Hi, I'm looking for a little guidance on a couple of extension queries I have.

We live in a 1930's semi which already has a single storey extension at the rear. The back living room (which adjoins the neighbours house) and kitchen (on the outter side of the house) were both extended by the previous owners to make a lounge/diner and slightly larger kitchen. However, the two rooms haven't been extended to the same length as the lounge comes out further in to the garden (maybe 1.5m more) than the kitchen. We believe that it was done this way so that they didn't have to remove the asbestos garage which sits behind the property.

We're considering extending the single storey further, so that the kitchen is the same length as the existing lounge extension, but then also coming out to the side by a small amount (c. 1.5m) along the full length of the house. This is so that a downstairs wc can be added at the front of the building and a utility/pantry in between this and the kitchen, running alongside the stairs. The asbestos garage would need to be removed to allow the kitchen to be extended further in to the garden.

We currently don't have a door leading out from the kitchen to the garden - there is no space for one as even with the current extension, the kitchen is small - instead, the only back door we have is a set of double doors from the lounge. We would like to add a door in to the larger kitchen which would lead out to the side of the house, between us and the neighbours on the other side. They have already built a garage attached to their property which is up to the boundary line, so we have a limited amount of space to build down the side of ours as we still want to leave an external walkway from front to back.

Q1. Are they any restrictions as to how much space is needed between the two buildings if a door were to be placed on the side wall?

Q2. What is the standard external wall thickness that is used for extensions like this? Ie. How much extra should we add on to the desired room size when considering our options in terms of space.

All advice welcome :) Thank you!

EDITED: I have done some measurements; the kitchen would be extended by another 1.6m in length (increasing it from 3.62m to 5.22m) and the width available between our external wall and the neighbours external garage wall is 2.1m. The current width of the kitchen is 2.28m.

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To answer your questions
Q1 no space is required but the windows and doors need to be obscure to prevent overlooking.
Q2 an average wall is 300mm thick


Answered 10th Nov 2016

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