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Will my cooker circuit support these appliances?

I have just had my consumer unit replaced. The cooker circuit has a 40A mini circuit breaker and 6mm cable (I think). Can I install a Stoves SEH600I induction hob and 2.5KW oven without overloading the circuit? I chose this hob because it is designed to plug into a 13A wall socket (reasoning that it should not draw any more than that when connected to the cooker circuit). I will be getting an electritican in to do the work. Thanks.

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Yes you can both items are well within the rated current for a 6mm cable but the MCB should be 32 amp not 40Amp tell the electrician who you use to check the cable size and the load you are about to install he should work out the cooker size and apply the following diversity factor First 10amps 30% of the remainder and 5 amps if there is a socket on the cooker control panel you may well be able to put a far smaller MCB in to protect the cooking appliances as this is another reason for overload protection that has to be considered not just the size of the cable. If the hob and oven come with 13 amp plug tops fitted to each then they should be run from 13 amp sockets or fused spurs these can be fitted instead of a cooker outlet plate below the counter and should still be controlled by the cooker panel and the individual supply flexible cables to each appliance would be covered properly by the 13amp fuses as they are designed to be. not by a 40amp mcb that would not trip off before damage to the flex if a fault occurred.
I know this is complicated but that is why you need a good electrician to assess your job put it up on mybuilder
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Answered 16th Oct 2011

yes that should be ok, can not see a problem with that, 6mm cable should be ok up to 7.2kw depending on cable run size, but should be on a 32amp circuit breaker.


Answered 16th Oct 2011

On max power your hob will run just under 11 amps, the neatest way to do it would be to change the cooker outlet to a double socket so it can run both the oven and the hob, both will simply plug in via a plug top. When you had your new consumer unit installed the installing electrician should have changed the 40 amp mcb to a 32 amp mcb. The fuse should provide suitable protection for the cable a 40 amp mcb on a 6mm T & E will not provide this protection.

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Answered 19th Oct 2011

Your 40a mcb is actually fine if the cable is clipped direct as a 6mm twin and earth cable will carry 47amps!


Answered 30th Oct 2011


The set up you are talking about would be fine and it would actually take a much greater load so is good for future changes too. It will actually take up to 7KW or more depending on the way the cable is routed i.e is it through insulation etc.

You should buy a cooker socket to plug your new appliance in to.

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Answered 16th Oct 2011

Yes,you can.
2.5 kW is 11 ampers and you have 40 ampers breaker,so
You are not overloading the circuit


Answered 16th Oct 2011

Yes, a correctly installed 6mm cable will support the oven and hob. However the 6mm cable should be protected by a 32 amp MCB not a 40 amp MCB.


Answered 18th Oct 2011

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