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Internal insulation between plasterboard walls

I have just moved into a new flat which is a warehouse development and all the internal walls are just two sheets of plasterboard with a wooden frame, consequently the sound travels through the whole flat and its driving me nuts! Would it be possible to put insulation in the cavities in some of the the walls to deaden the sound and provide a bit more insulation? I would want to have it put in the wall between the sitting room and my bedroom (about 3.2m long by 2.8m high) and the wall between my bedroom and my flatmates bedroom (measuring the same)

What I want know is: is this possible, how long would it take?

Thanks so much!

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Depending in the void in the stud wall you have a few options.

1. Replace the existing plasterboard with soundbloc boards, it's blue in colour just so you know when at the builders merchants.

2. Acoustic insulation, you can purchase this in a variety of thicknesses, hence the question regarding the void.

3. If you can you should use both and you will be amazed .
Only thing is that depending on the floor structure, as this is an area noise loves to travel.
But fitting acoustic insulation between joists and then covering with soundbloc plasterboard is a sure way of improving silence.
A couple of days work including plastering. Then you'll have to paint.

Good luck hope this was helpful


Answered 20th Apr 2016

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