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Fix / install an electric shower

Apologies for what may be a stupid question ..........
Do I need an electrian or plumber to fix or intall an electric shower?


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I would use a Plumber with knowledge of electrics as your cable size needs to be of the correct size for your shower, we recomend 10mm cable
It is for your safety you do this as wires in walls or insulation need to be thicker be cause the wire has to loose heat some how also you have to take into consideration the length of the cable and the amps needed on your on off switch.

Hope this helps
Regards Steve

Answered 14th Apr 2016

Yorkshire Plumbers & Builders

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You would require both unless the plumber is also certified to complete electrical work. Most plumbers who install bathrooms who are not qualified with electrics should have a contact or someone the use on a regular basis that can connect the electrical side of things.
Hope this helps, Stewart

Answered 14th Apr 2016

EDMC Services

Member since 12 Apr 2016

Hi there,

If it is a new shower unit and there is no existing electric shower then in theory you'll need both as the plumber will have to tap in to the water main and run the pipe to the position of the new shower and the electrician will have to add a fuse/breaker or even possibly upgrade your fuse board if there are no spare positions left in your existing board. Out of the two trades involved in this situation the electrician is the more important of the two as they will need to test and certify the new circuit.
Ideally you need an electrician that can do basic plumbing themselves or one that knows a plumber.
If it is a straight change over then a plumber or electrician can usually handle the whole thing alone.

Hope that helps.

Answered 14th Apr 2016

The Supreme Finishing Company

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You need a plumber to fix or install an electric shower, but he/she should only do this if the existing electric cable and fuse/breaker in the consumer unit are adequate. If the electrics are not adequate for your shower, then you need an electrician.
Dorset Dwellings

Answered 14th Apr 2016

Dorset Dwellings

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I will resume simply the answers above, your question was if you need a plumber or an electrican for fitting an electric shower.

1 If you have already an electric shower in your bath you will need to get a plumber that can connect and disconnect the electric cables safe, you must keep in mind all the time your safety, ask if he is qualified and for some proof of previous jobs ( al least some pictures to see from his smartphone ) . Also before you buy your new shower make sure match the power of the one you have, if you go for a more powerful one your cables may be undersized and you will be at risk.

2 If you have a new bath or want to install an electric shower in a bath you will need 3 trades to have a nice finish : A plumber that will chase the walls, feed and connect your new pipe for the shower, an electrician that will bring a new circuit from your consumer unit to the bath and will give you an electric certificate for this job and a tiler that will sort out the mess after the electrician and plumber, best is to get a contractor that will deal with all trades.

Answered 17th Apr 2016

Alecu & Co

Member since 12 Apr 2016

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