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What to consider before getting new gas cooker?

Hi, we moved into this old house recently and need to install a cooker (previous owner took cooker with them). No gas safety inspection was done on property as far as we are aware. We have a combi boiler and gas fires (not sure if functional) in house.

Any advice on what I need to consider BEFORE purchasing a freestanding gas cooker and hiring a GSR person to install? I want to avoid purchasing cooker only to find out I cannot install etc for some reason!

E.g. I'm wondering if I should have someone check gas pressures / capacity etc first? Or will it be alright to purchase cooker, hire GSR to install and perform gas safety checks at same time? What else do I need to consider?

Thank you so much.

2 Answers from MyBuilder Gas Engineers

If your property is a multi dwelling (flat, maisonette ect) it will need to have FSD'S (flame supervision device) fitted.(its a good idea to have these anyway but not regulation at the moment)
If its just a normal house them I would recommend getting your cooker then asking a GSR engineer to install and commission the cooker and do a full gas safety check at the same time.
If you suspect one of your appliances are faulty or can smell gas then contact the gas emergency service on 0800 111 999.

Dave Close
Dave Close Plumbing & Heating (uk)


Answered 13th Oct 2011

Hi, Above perfect answer! Just would add that if its a large range cooker then again a GSR Engineer will need to calculate the gas rates for all remaing appliances so that they are not starved of gas.



Answered 8th Jan 2012

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