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Hi. i recently did a powerflush with a tradesman who quoted £250 for a powerflush and i got it done. it was a lot cheaper than british gas so got it done.

After 2 weeks my central hetaing still didnt heat up quickly and took almost 1 hr for the system to heat up. I have a old condensation boiler with a airing cupboard. I had the homecare contract running with BG and so they came up to see what the problem is.They have filled in their form saying 'Power flushing required'. I told them a tradesman had already done it. They tell me there is still sledge and shouldnot have got it done because it was cheap. I told them I will call the tradesman and tell him.When I called the tradesman he was so rude and was shouting at me that he did a proper power flush properly and there is no sledge and BG was talking rubbish and he cannot come around and see. He has given me one year guarantee but whats the point of this guarantee?I am cheated and want to know how can I get this resolved. Pls suggest. If I call another tradesman he might tell me something else?What do i do?


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This a common problem, alas and there may be several stages to the final solution. It may be cheaper in the long run to change the radiators along with treatment and filtration.


Answered 12th Oct 2011

Can't agree more with Trebor Services !

£ 250.00 Cheap . . . . But not Impossible !!!

Power flushing ? ? .... Seems to be the norm ?

It's all about the chemical reaction between the different metals

I.E. The copper / iron in the system..... This will produc e fedrrox oxide. . SLUDGE ! ! !

I must admit though,

|f the system were thoughly flulshed and an nhibitor added at the commissioninhg stage, we would not be having this conversation.

Power Flushing ? ? sounds great ? ?

Good old fashioned, balancing of the system ? ?/

Sure to work Wonders !!!!!!!



Answered 5th Jan 2012

Yes, £250 sounds bit cheap but not immpossible. Check first is your system balanced properly- means all radiators heat up equally. Sometimes bathroom radiator heats up much quicker and takes most of the water flow allocated for other rads.
Other problem- manual bypass valve open to much, but you need plumber to find it :-) .


Answered 12th Oct 2011

Using a bleed key bleed some radiators just a little and have a look at the condition of the water or if you have a small tank (f&e) in your loft have a look at that and see if that is clean.

Do your radiators have cold spots or do they eventually heat up all over. 250.00 does sound cheap. a power flush can take most if not all of a day for a thorough job on a sluged system although their are magnetic filtration products on the Market that can speed up the process
Their are other things that can cause an unresposive system like a failing pump
Balancing of the radiators to name some.

I would think about getting another independent engineer to look at it, not sure I would go for power flushing again just yet. the engineers on here rely on positive feed back for their work, so that would be a good place to start

Kind regards



Answered 12th Oct 2011

It dose sound like you do have some slug still in the system. do you now how your plumber flushed your power flush machine and maga clean unit.
£250 is a very cheep job.


Answered 12th Oct 2011

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