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What to paint 1st, gloss doors of walls in emulsion.

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Always paint the walls first, then paint the woodwork. That way if you get emulsion on the woodwork, it doesn't matter because you haven't painted it yet. If you paint the woodwork first then you'll have to mask it off, creating more work.
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Answered 30th Mar 2016

Mick is 100% correct but I would also clean all timber work after emulsioning,before any gloss work is started to get a better finish enjoy😀


Answered 30th Mar 2016

Do you ceilings and undercoat your woodwork let that dry then do your door frames. Then do your walls and skirting after that. I find it easier that way instead of trying to cut the door frames in.


Answered 30th Mar 2016

The first thing to do is all the prep work in the room that you are painting. Once complete start of with painting the ceiling and then walls with two coats of emulsion. When all the emulsion is dry give the woodwork a little key to take of any paint from the emulsioning off and then clean down before undercoating and gloss to get a perfect finish that you want to achieve.


Answered 8th Jun 2017

Prep all walls before painting undercoat then gloss once all the emulsion work has been done to all woodwork


Answered 31st Mar 2016

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