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Does megaflo system needs boiler be on when heating and hot water is not on

I have a megaflo 300l with valiant ecoTech plus 637 boiler. I have underfloor heating on ground floor and radiator based central heating on first and second floors.
I have noticed that when my hot water is on continues mode and heating is set on timer between 5-9am and 3-8pm everyday.
The heating and hot water is working fine as expected, However, I haved noticed that boiler comes on while the heating and hot water is not on e.g after 8:00 pm in the evening the boiler comes multiple times and stays on for more then 1 hr.

The hot water pipe going to megaflo is hot, also the hot water supply pipes going to central heating and underfloor heating are hot, but because valves are not on the central heating and hot under floor heating is does get switch on as expected.

My questions why does boiler needs be come on and stay on when no heating and hot is on.

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If no part of the system is calling for heat then the boiler should not be firing up unless its for frost protection(has to be cold for that)


Answered 28th Mar 2016

If you have externals HIVE or nest programmers added to control your heating from your phone.
Depending on desired set temperature @5am in the morning your boiler WILL fire up in advance to meet your set time for heating..
Let's say at 5am you want your home to be @ 23degrees..
What time after 8pm ??? depending on size and zones that are to be met 5am???..

Hope this helps..


Answered 19th Aug 2019

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