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Sound proofing brick wall in semi-detached

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Due to some noise issues with the neighbours I am considering installing soundproofing on the bedroom wall between mine and next door. The wall is 4.1mx2.4m (WxH) and is solid brick skimmed with plaster. There is slightly over a maximum of 11.5cm depth to accommodate whatever boards/cavity would be used; more than this would interfere with access to built in wardrobes.

Having done a little research it seems as though there are several different possible solutions, and I was wondering what might be the best option in these circumstances and what the potential cost would be for materials plus installation. Unless the cost is prohibitive I am very likely to go ahead with this work soon.

Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.

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Hi, I would strap the wall with 2x2, install some 50mm acoustic glass wool between, brander with metal resilient sound bar then sheet over with 2 layers of 15mm soundbloc plasterboard, all which would end up bringing the wall out around 95mm and will make a night and day difference!


Answered 20th Mar 2016

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