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How long does it take to draw architectural plans?

After the initial consultation, how long should it take an architect to draw up plans for a simple kitchen extension 4 x 2 metres?

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A week at most to draw up plans for planning application and building regulations approval, providing a basic layout has been agreed.

Its best to ask your architect to give you a time frame as he or she is aware of the commitments they currently have. If they are very busy the above time scale can go up.

It also depends if they are a lone architect or working in an office were the workload can be shared.


Answered 18th Mar 2016

Typically about 24-72 hours dependent on the complexity of the drawings. I usually am able to come and survey the house, then draw existing and proposed most likely the same day and the following day draw the regulation plans… but up to a week it should take to do everything and finalise the design and apply for planning


Answered 8th Nov 2022

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