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Border tiles above plastic bath - help with sealing please!!

Hello Gary(diss property maintenance). I am using 151 Multi-purpose acrylic sealant - it states that it provides a long lasting watertight seal around most household wet areas - it isn't the most expensive(or possibly the best?) though. The first time I applied it the bath was clean and dry. Then I put another layer on top (as the silicone appeared to shrink) and it was leaking a bit then (after it had dried). I haven't used the filling bath method though. I think the silicone needs completely removing (silicone on bottom part of tile - silicone on top part of tile seems fine - hope that makes sense!). Thanks.

hi im gary from gary diss property maimtenance are u using proper water proof silicone also it needs to be a clean surface and dry before added. Also its best to fill your bath full of water before apply the silicone if not the weight of the bath will make the silicone to strech and cause a gap.And one applyed its best to leave the bath full for at least 24 hr hope that makes sence

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Steve & Mark seem to have some sort of conversation going on, so I dont really understand the question, but will have a guess.

Sounds like you have a small leak, concerning 1no border tile, if its not fixed properly get yourself a nice shiny brand new Fein multimaster or the cheaper Bosch Gop Blue, or even cheaper the green model.
With the right blade, cut out the tile and refix with water proof adhesive, when dry grout the tile.
Then as Steve or Mark said, fill the bath with water and reseal along join tile to bath with a good bathroom sealant, leave water in over night.

I dont have shares in Bosch or Gop, but they are brilliant tools.


Answered 12th Oct 2011

Hi Steve,

If the area is slight and you don't want to remove all the tiles then you could follow steps 5 and 6 and this should work.

Kind Regards,



Answered 12th Oct 2011

wasnt aware that any adhesive was waterproof but cement based is always better than waterbased


Answered 16th Dec 2011

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