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Last night we heard he sound of something 'going' as a high wind caught our double glazed windo which was open at the time. now it wll not shut. wjat can we do?

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sounds like the hinge has buckled and most likely needing replaced you could try the original fitters of the windows for new hinges as they would know who the suppliers are and be able to source new ones or there are companies that specialise in repairing double glazing or you could try your house insurance company.if you local to Glasgow I could do it..


Answered 10th Oct 2011

It has most likely jarred the friction hinges and buckled them if it is a particularly large opener and side opening. Would need a new set of friction stay hinges.


Answered 10th Oct 2011

Sounds like the hinges have gone, probably bent or broke. Should be able to get them easily, measure the length and that's how you should find some. Shaun


Answered 10th Oct 2011

Hi taichigirl

Sounds like the hinge has gone or it may need the screws on the side adjusting. A good reputable company could easily fix this for you, if not you could fix this yourself if you know what size hinge you require.

Hope this helps

Trevor & Mike


Answered 30th Dec 2011

Sounds like your hinge would need to get 2 measurements length and depth of hinge and also if it’s top hung or side hung


Answered 31st May 2020

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