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Removing part of a hedge

I have a hedgerow on my driveway (roughly 12-15 meters long, made up of at least 3, maybe 4 different types of hedge) and I would like to remove a section of one end to make room for a gate into my garden. Is it possible to remove part of a hedge? Will it kill off the rest of the row?

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As long as care is taken when separating the section to be removed from the section which is to remain the hedge should survive. However if the hedge is particularly dense, privet, laylandi etc you will be left with an exposed dead face which species dependent may or may not regenerate


Answered 7th Jun 2016

It is usual practice when removing a hedge to apply chemicals to loosen the roots making it easier to remove. However in this case you wouldn't want that as it could kill more than you wanted. So manual digging up (while more time consuming) is indicated in this case. But no reason why the rest of the hedge should be damaged provided extra care is taken when removing roots where the hedge to be kept and the hedge to be removed join up.


Answered 28th Feb 2016

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