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Solid wall external insulation semi detached house


I wanted some advise on the type of insulation I can do for a Semi Detached house with solid walls, what it may cost me and why the type of insulation would benefit me.

I live in Essex Ilford (IG3 8LY) and my house is very cold most of the time even after having the heating on many times in the day. I have been informed the total size of external insulation required will be around 115-125 Square Meters.

I am looking for advise on what type of Insulation I should go for and offcourse what the cost will be depending on the type I go for.

Many Thanks in advance for replying.

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You could go for a eps board which is most popular for external wall insulation then Base coat the property to seal it then choose the final finish either in pebble dash or silicone render


Answered 20th Aug 2016

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