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Border tiles above plastic bath - help with sealing please!!

Hello. I am having problems tiling my plastic bath (border tiles fixed directly onto the wall and onto the top surface of the bath). First of all I tried a plastic trim - solid not flexible - this was ok at first but it started to come away from the bath/wall as the wall is not perfectly flat - who's wall is?. Now I have fixed thin border tiles onto the wall using no more nails glue (this part appears to be ok). I then sealed the bath using silicone (this has been done twice up to now) however it still is leaking (slightly) in two areas - i checked this by removing the bath side (this is a problem as we live in a first floor flat) - . I am thinking of putting some more silicone on the bath to try and stop this happening - the silicone appears to shrink when it dries. Is there an alternative or a clear sealant spray I could use maybe? All ideas will be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Steve,

You are right, not many walls are flush with the bath so please try this:

1. Remove your border tiles.
2. Where the gaps between the bath and the wall, place sealant in there and allow to dry.
3. Re-tile, but please use tile adhesive preferably.
4. Once you have grouted the new tiles, allow to dry.
5. Before you reseal along the bath, half fill your bath with water and now reseal, allowing the sealant to dry over night if possible. (I explain why below)
6. Empty bath and the slight movement in the bath pushes the sealant into all the little gaps and seals.

The reason why we fill the bath before sealing is to simulate a person using it, when we use the bath, it flexes and this breaks the seal if not done correctly.

Hope this is of help.

Kind Regards,

Mark (Domestic Handyman)


Answered 10th Oct 2011

I completely agree with Mark's response above, the only difference i would add is to fill your bath to the top, this will then take in to count body weight in the bath as well as the water for movement.

If your bath has that much movement perhaps try to secure the bath underneath.

Kind regards
Design and Tile


Answered 23rd Oct 2011

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