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Converting domestic lpg-fuelled system to oil

I'm planning to move house shortly to an area which seems to have quite a few properties with LPG-fuelled central heating.

While, in principle, I like the idea of LPG as a fuel, the reality seems to be that it is not a good choice:

1. LPG tends to be more expensive than oil.

2. LPG tanks need regular safety checks and maintenance, more so than oil tanks.

3. Typically, the LPG tank is owned by the supplier who takes responsibility/ownership of the tank but ties you into a supply contract for several years.

4. There are fewer suppliers of LPG than oil and it is much more difficult to shop around for LPG suppliers because they tie you into contracts.

5. There are a lot of unhappy domestic LPG users out there, stuck with unfavourable contracts with poor suppliers.

6. Oil is a lot easier because the next time you need to fill the tank, you are free to shop around for a supplier. Even better, there are often local buying clubs which can get lower prices and do the shopping around for you.

I guess installing an oil system is fairly straightforward - a new boiler and an oil storage tank?

The problem I foresee is decommissioning and disposing of the LPG tank, especially if it is underground.

I'd particularly value observations/comments from anybody who has done this - getting rid of an LPG tank.


To my mind, as I probably wouldn't own the LPG tank, the owner/supplier should remove it from my land at no charge to me but I suspect it won't be that easy.

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Hi you would have to contact the lpg tank supplier,they probably would charge for removal or it in the ground and charge you a rent on iteven though your not using it,oil tank base and boiler is simple and you could place the oil boiler out side.
hope this helps


Answered 13th Apr 2016

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