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Electricity tripping the main fusebox

For the last two weeks my electricity has been tripping the main fuseboard.
It can happen at any time of the day or night, sometimes multiple times a day, then it can go a few days with no problem, but more often that not it's happening during the night.
Have tried fault finding by switching off certain appliances, but i'm still none the wiser.

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try unplugging all your appliances, not just turning them off. it sounds like it is something that turns on sporadically, like something controlled with a thermostat or timing device, immersion heater, freezer etc. if you unplug everything and it still happens then you know its not an appliance. then plug in one item at a time and leave for a day.


Answered 5th Mar 2011

Anyone telling you: "loop test the earth ring and it will tell you what is wrong straight away.Don't waste sixty quid for a sparky" doesn't really know what they are talking about. Chances are, unless you are an electrician youself, you don''t know what loop testing is, or have the correct meter to do the test.

You are going about it in the right way trying to identify the device/appliance causing the tripping. If you've unplugged everything that you can safely remove yourself, and you still get tripping, the it's probably a fault in the wiring. Time to call in a registered electrician - and it won't be a waste of money.


Answered 9th Mar 2011

that can be an extension outside or a wire of on one socket. If you mounted something on the wall maybe you just put one screw on wire. The foult can be found easy with an electric tester (for continuity).I am happy to help to solve this problem. can contact me any time


Answered 5th Mar 2011

could be any thing unless confirmed ie faulty rcd/rcbo,defective wiring or latent defects, loose connection,damp,corrosion etc call m.b electrical will be sorted


Answered 15th Mar 2011

sounds like your board is main rcd protected possibly , could be small fault on circuit which is tripping main rcd , this needs looking into to be 100%


Answered 5th Mar 2011

Turn every circuit off and then energise each circuit slowly then if unable to determine whats the fault I would suggest a PIR of the installation to be done as it could be a simple problem where the electrician should only charge the hr rate but could find out the installation needs alot more work on and save future problems.Basically get an electrician to quickly test all circuits.
Luke Davis
L.D. Works Ltd


Answered 1st Apr 2011

Best to call an electrian to fault find , if its something quick and easy cost approx £60


Answered 5th Mar 2011

A Local electrician should be able to find the fault by doing an IR test on each circuit. Locating the exact place of the fault maybe a bit more difficult but should still be possible


Answered 5th Mar 2011

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