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Lawn over concrete: options?

My back garden appears to be a concrete farmyard on top of which about 4" of topsoil has been laid and then turf on top. In winter its waterlogged, in summer in dries rock hard. And it consists mostly of moss rather than grass. To get a healthy lawn is there any alternative to digging up the concrete and starting again?

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It's hard to answer without seeing the garden, but my initial response would be no not really.

You can try digging holes in the turf and smashing the concrete underneath to allow for drainage but this would be very hit and miss. If you have room to get a small digger in then that would be a better option. Remove the turf then scrape away the topsoil to oneside exposing the concrete underneath, when you order the digger specify that you want a breaker attachment as well, that way you can use the digger to break up the concrete and create drainage. Use the digger to replace and level the topsoil before manually raking it to a final finish and returfing it.


Answered 7th Feb 2016

This is probably a cheaper option in the long run, strip off the turf(moss) and soil, clean off the concrete slab then put down a decent quality artificial grass, no cutting, no watering and you can even get it with stripes in so it looks like its been mown. (available from Forever green lawns or Hi Tech turf)

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Answered 9th Feb 2016

Although grass is an adaptable and tough plant trying for a good lawn with a concrete sub layer present is a big challenge.
I would advise moving the topsoil, removing the concrete, adding plenty of organic compost such as well rotted horse manure to improve the soil structure at the same time as replacing the topsoil.
Achieve a final flat level with a blend of topsoil and fine compost.
Relay new turf or seed.


Answered 7th Mar 2016

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