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Hi there, i'm hoping someone can help give me some advice regarding replacing or moving and restoring our staircase.

Its an old victorian staircase with over hanging bullnose steps and decorative galvanised spindles. It has a gentle curve from the top, which used to come round into the living room but the staircase as been stopped half way round the curve and straightened. We're wanting to put the staircase back to its original position and wondered whether an experience carpenter would be able to do this using mainly our existing staircase? We were looking to replace the staircase but have been advised that to replace it for something similar would be very expensive because of the curve and the style of the steps so now discussing a square staircase but wondered if it would be possible to use the existing staircase and re-configure it so to speak. A prompt response would be very much appreciated as we are are looking to get this done in March. Thanks so much.

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Hi Kelly,

Might be best to search local Joiners. Speak to them about this. A good competent Joiner might be able to help you.


Answered 5th Feb 2016


Relocating your existing staircase without damaging it is difficult but not impossible.
If you still require assistance please feel free to contact me.



Answered 30th Oct 2017

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