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Is it worth to put plasterboard with foil on a wall?

Hi I am planing to put the plasterboard on the walls mostly in the entire house. the house is mid-terrace. So I was thinking to put the plasterboard with foil for the wals facing outside. I never came a cross with them, so I wonder how affective they are in terms of insulation as I understand that plasterboard should reflect the heat back to the house? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi paulius_50

If you intend to apply plasterboard to an outside wall then I would recommend using a foam backed plasterboard or put battens onto the wall and installing some insulation. Please don't dot and dab the plasterboard directly onto the wall as this will absorb moisture from the brickwork and over time it will create visible damp patches. As a damp specialist, I come across this issue daily.

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Answered 3rd Feb 2016

Foil backed is generally a vapour barrier plasterboard and offers no thermal qualities as you gave considered in your question. I agree with dampserves notes....




Answered 7th Feb 2016

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