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Hi, what should fire proof door include to comply with the regulation bs476, part 22, 1987? after installation can the builder who installed it certify himself that the new door is fire proof?

Hi, our landlord has installed a new fire door which he had to do to comply with the regulation BS476, Part 22, 1987. He has used his regular builder to replace the old door. I noticed he has installed new thick door but fitted the existing door furniture i.e existing lock, letter box, hinges etc.. I read on internet that the fire doors should be with some specification like with intumescent fire and smoke strips, self closing hinges or fire proof door closer etc to make it comply with the regulation. Can the local builder who fitted the door give us certificate that the door is fire safe at existing condition? Can the builder now put intumescent fire and smoke strips, door closer, intumescent letter box on the new door and then certify that the door is fire proof according to the regulation BS476, Part 22, 1987? If he can certify then what he should include in his letter/certification?

Please give expert advise so we can decide either to replace existing new door or to upgrade the new door. Thanks

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3 x100mm fire hinges
intumiscent letter box
intumiscent fire strip to both sides of the door (including behind the hinges) and to the top of the door.
suitable door closer . over head ones are better as perkos have a tendency for the spring to fail.
As its a rented property the door should also have a sticker on stating its fire rating.

hope this helps
By the way i do all the fire precaution works for Reading borough council.


Answered 3rd May 2011


Please look at this link it is a hard one to actually confirm as alot of it is down to interprtation.

If you go to page 126 section 8 and page 129 section 9 they advise of a few items. Is the you door the entrance from communual staircase? Also if it is to be a fire door as well as fire hinges that should have a melting point of 800degrees c to complay, intumescent strips, closer etc, the door stops needs to be minimum of 25mmx25mm glued and screwed.

There are many items to look at in regards your issue but if you are in doubt call your local building control office for advice they will be able to confirm.

As for builder providing certificate for works if this is required then building control would get involved but i have not heard of them getting involved directly in this sort of work i think it is normally fire safety officer that determins if anything needs to be done and whether it is up to standards.

also if it a multipl occupancy (more than 2 unrelated people sharing the flat then this opens alot more issues.




Answered 6th Mar 2011

If hes cut out for a letter box, I cant see that it is fire proof


Answered 5th Mar 2011

your door should be fitted with door closure ,fire hinges and intumescent strips down 2 sides and top if not the door doesn't comply also your landlord should have by law a fire certificate on display if not ring your local council


Answered 5th Mar 2011

Follow the advice of K Roberts above. In short there are many ways to acheive compliance. The defining factor will be set out in the fire officers report on the required spec the door has to meet. From this point it is determined by the door manufacturers own specification and installation instructions. If your landlord his displaying an up to date fire certificate then there should be no reason for concern. If you are still in doubt call the BC. At the end of the day this is part of the role the building control office plays - to ensure compliance with the regs, so give them a call - nearly all are very helpful.


Answered 13th Mar 2011

If the installer had not got certification to fit fire doors, then they should not be fitting them.Sorry to be so blunt but that's the bottom line.
The door stops don't necessarily have to be 25mm x 25mm,it depends on what size stops the door set has been tested with.


Answered 5th Oct 2019

Intumesant strips routered into the edges of the
Door a perko type door closer and fire rated hinges
This gives fire rating


Answered 6th Mar 2011

Exactly what David Mingins joinery said! It all comes down to what the door set was tested with at the time so you can just use any set of 100mm fire hinges etc either, it has to be what the assessment sheet says that is supplied with the door. If the builder isnt qualified to fit fire doors (and there is a separate qualification that hardly anyone possesses because it's so expensive to get!) Phone building control and they will ensure it meets regulation.


Answered 2nd Feb 2020

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