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Are there different types of plasterboard when plastering a wall? If so, which ones are the best?

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There are couple of different types of plasterboard available, and not all types are suitable for all situations:

Standard: It is available with both square and tapered edges and has one Ivory face which is suitable for direct painting or wallpapering. Either type can be used if you plan to apply a coat of plaster, but make sure that the tapered edges face inwards.

Baseboard: It is the cheapest one, with no additional insulation. It is designed for use on walls and ceilings where a coat of plaster is going to be applied.

Fire Resistant: It is made from a mix of materials such as glass fibre, to make it more resistant to fire. Even the thinnest type of this board should give up to an hours protection.

Thermal: Standard plasterboard with a backing layer of some sort of insulation, usually expanded polyurethane foam. Thermal laminates are designed to be used when lining external walls or ceilings, and can even include a water-resistant ”vapour check” layer between the board and the insulation for walls where damp may be a problem.

Duplex: It is standard plasterboard with a backing of foil to resist water vapour. This type, cannot be fixed using adhesive, so keep this in mind when choosing it.

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Answered 7th Oct 2011

there are different thickness of plaster boards and types such as 9.5mm 12.5mm 15mm and 19mm

the different types are

Moisture resistant also known as vapour check suitable for bathrooms or boarding over damp walls after battening out.

Fire Check. this is used to give fire protection to stud partition walls and steel beams.

Standard plaster board which can be used almost anywhere where it is not damp or wet.

and soundbloc plaster board its in the name. it is used to give better sound proofing used when constructing flats.

depending on what you want to do and what the type and condition of the walls are it could be any one of these.

if you want to let me know what your using it for I ca tell you what the best one would be.

will be happy to advise.




Answered 7th Oct 2011

there are a couple of different types plasterboards.
if you are doing walls you should opt for 12mm thick,
ceilings 9.5mm thick.
bathrooms or areas of moisture and humidity, use vapour resistant plasterboard, they are aqua/green in colour, where as normal less expensive plasterboard are an off white colour.


Answered 7th Oct 2011

Their are different types for different uses, for standard plastering just use gypsum.
You can also get moisture resistant, fire board and a few other variations but none of these are for standard plastering


Answered 7th Oct 2011

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