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How much lower than a houses damp course should a driveway be?

I've just had my driveway block paved, and since its been done I'm getting damp patches in my house. The driveway sits about half a brick below my houses damp course. The company have said they're coming back out and will put gutter drains and soak away in. Will this solve the problem? Is this to the correct regulations and standards? Is there a set measurement on how far below the damp course the drive should be? would it effect me if I wanted too sell my house in future years?


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the top of the driveway should be 2 courses of bricks or 6 inches below the damo proof course. any higher and you will get damp bridging and your walls will become damp. do not take any other excuses, that is the regulation.


Answered 26th Jan 2016

The external surface should be 150mm (6 inch) below the line of the damp proof course. Hope this helps from David at DMA Associates Preston.


Answered 22nd Jan 2016

pavers should be minimum 2 bricks or 150mm below damp-proof course


Answered 22nd Jan 2016

Any driveway should be at least 150mm/ 6 inches ( two course bricks) or more from damp course. Only time this is not the case is at entrances to house (doors) for wheel chair access. There are ways round this such as aco chambers or French drains.


Answered 31st Jul 2018

the driveway surface should be at least 2 bricks (150mm) below your damp course. any higher and you can get damp problems


Answered 16th Mar 2016

The driveway should be 150mm below damp course . Or you will have damp issues.


Answered 16th Apr 2016

Always must be 150mm (2 brick width)


Answered 7th Jul 2020

150 every bodys right


Answered 29th Dec 2020

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