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Upvc door key wont turn fully and door won't lock

My lock on my door stopped working a few days ago and I was advised that it would be a Eurolink cam lock and this was easy to change which I did today but the key won't fully turn still and therefore door won't lock. any advice

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Hi there it sounds as though the door may possible have dropped on the hinges causing the dead bolt or hooks/rollers if the multi point has them are striking the keeps instead of sliding straight in. Try adjusting the keeps on the frame usually Allen key heads(tip look for any signs of contact eg very shiny metal/scraping around where any points engage to the keeps) if this doesn't work possibly the centre case or gearbox has failed in the multi point lock. Hope this helps james


Answered 8th Jan 2016

Your door just needs adjusting properly, that's why service engineers are kept busy, like my self to adjust doors properly.mcs


Answered 20th Sep 2018

This is a quick fix but something that needs to be done correctly otherwise the problem could be made worse or reappear in the near future.
The doors sound like they have moved/dropped out of alignment. There are various ways to adjust UPVC doors via the hinges or taking the glass panel out and refitting it correctly. The majority of Locksmiths jobs are poorly fitted UPVC doors. Usually fitted by handymen, have a professional locksmith take a look and it will be fixed and last years.


Answered 6th Mar 2019

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