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Brick built lean to conversion


I have a couple of questions about a house I am buying. The house is 1930s and has a brick built lean to at the rear with a polycarbonate roof. It is 3.33mx 1.52m. Ideally we would like to open up the back of the house to incorporate this room but it is a cold room so I think it is only a single thickness brickwork. We will be replacing the roof with tiles.

my questions are:
1. what would be the best option
2. Does changing the roof require planning permission as this would now be a permanent structure.
3. would there be potential issues with the floor or foundations that we would need to conisder?

I will be taking a builder in to the house soon but I want an understanding of the potential issues that we may have to consider. If it is too expensive we will just look at moving the kitchen into the main house and using the lean to for other purposes.


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Your best bet would be to take it down and start again it would cost around the same to have it made suitable for a room than it would to take down and start again planning permission would be easily got because you are just replacing like for like.


Answered 7th Jan 2016

Hi Blondie32
You don't say where in the uk you are
I'm in Glasgow and I prepare plans for council approval
Insulating the floors walls and roof could cause problems and would mean a lot of work
I suggest you demolish and build from scratch


Answered 8th Jan 2016

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