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Room over garage insulation


We have new build house 2014 by national developer. We have large bedroom above double garage that is colder than rest of house. Upstairs thermostat is in bedroom so heating is in coldest room. Garage ceiling is plasterboard and developer has confirmed presence of insulation via inspection hole. No apparent draughts in room. Wool insulation above ceiling and kingspan between rafters on slopping part of ceiling.

They are saying it conforms to building regs but I'd like advice on how to push them to resolve or is it as good as it can be?

Are there tests I can ask them to do? What do regs say?

Any hints and tips appreciated...

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The current building regulations u value for a floor is 0.25w/m2K on a new build to comply with Approved Documant L of building regulations (you can download this).

When I construct a warm flat roof I have to achieve the same u value standard to comply. For this I need to have 150mm of quilt insulation between the joists and a minimum of 105mm of solid board Kingspan above the roof deck - you may consider this a lot of insulation to comply - then ask yourself how would they have achieved this in your property given the amount of insulation you have (I suspect just quilt between joist)?

You may be seeing insulation but it is not unreasonable to ask what type of insulation has been used and what thickness? You could then go to the manufacturers technical helpline and ask them if this complies - they will tell you.


Answered 4th Jan 2016

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