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Use of cooker socket

I don't have a cooker but the cooker socket still remains. In the past I have used this socket for extension lead/lawnmower, hair dryer, answering machine, etc, but am now wondering how safe this is. However, I've not had any problems in the past with any of the electrical appliances I've used via this cooker socket. According to paperwork passed to me when I bought my house, all wiring was renewed in the 70s, if that makes any difference! Can anyone help, please?

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Treat it as a normal socket outlet, as you would any other socket in your house, if you are bothered about it have an electrician in to carry out an EICR on the whole of the installation, as it might not be RCD protected etc. That would put your mind at rest, with the cooker socket or anything else.


Answered 31st Dec 2015

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