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Re:best location of airbottle vent in central heating system

I have a potterton boiler 60e connected to megaflow in the loft with bottled airvent in the flow and also in the return pipe in the loft near the megaflow tank.The boiler is located on the ground floor in the garage with grundig pump. As I am emptying the system and slightly adjusting the pipework as the central heating still works with expansion tank,I would be grateful if you could tell me whether I need another bottled airvent installed near the boiler in the flow pipe or having the 2 bottled airvent in the loft is sufficient

Many thanks


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although i cant see how your system is installed /in other word if there any up and down piping .
it is best practice with boiler vented system and it is very useful to fit at least one automatic air vent on the flow or return to prevent air lock in the boiler heat exchanger after refilling the system.


Answered 2nd Jan 2016


air bottles should be at the highest point or where a flow and return goes up and over witch can cause air locks.



Answered 24th Sep 2018

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