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What is the difference between elecsa and niceic

Hi, i would like to know what the difference between the above qualifications? I am recieving quotes from electricians for a complete rewire and tje electricians who are elecsa qualified are cheaper. Thanks

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Hi,to answer your question both NICEIC and Elecsa are electrical governing bodies who are appointed to make sure that all contractors that are members of these organisations are performing there electrical work to the necessary standard by visiting these contractors on an anual basis and visiting previous jobs to make sure they have been correctly installed and are to current BS7671 regulations.
The price difference may be of numerous reasons,generally the NICEIC are more expensive to join hence contractors under the scope are a little more expensive,or the NICEIC company has more overheads hence him being a little more expensive like i say can be of numerous reasons.
I hope this helps
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Answered 29th Sep 2011

Disagree with the statement about Neceic being better there are 4 to choose from and im with stroma and im proud of my.professional attitude and always do my work to regs and high standard.
I dont think its appropriate or professional to say an electrician is worse just cause they havnt paid the overpriced charges by Neceic.....
All bodies have a legal responsibiltiy to check qualifications and skills i dont see the point in paying way over double a year to neceic when they all do the same job.
I know many good electricians who are members of various out the main four bodies and think its an insult to grade them by which organisation they chose to do.
Id put my.skills against any neceic member anyday !!!


Answered 20th Sep 2017

Both companies do the same job.They assess electricians yearly. This is done by Elecsa,Niceic or Napit coming out to the electricians place of work asking them questions about the work , wiring regulations and building regulations. They will also ask for you to show them how you would carry out testing on a circuit.
On passing this assesment the electrician can then submit any notifiable electrical work to they chosen scheme ie Elecsa niceic napit.
The scheme will then notifie building control who will issue you with a certificate for the work.
All schemes cost around the same. The only differents is with the NICEIC approved Contractor Scheme.


Answered 29th Sep 2011

I use to employ some one who was registerd with napit and he told me his assesment was sitting in a coffe shop for 20 mins having a chat. He said he only got assesd on the first day he signed up. After that it was a coffee shop meet. Shocking that!!! I personlly would stay clear of napit. Im niceic approved contractor and ever year i have a full day assesment and have to take the assor to 3/4 jobs where he fully checks all my works also gets me to do r1-r2 tests ze and zs tests on all jobs to prove im still compitent. Not only that every year all my calibration certs, public liability and qualifications are all made sure there up to day. Thas why the niceic are more expensive because we are kicked in shape every year so we have to make sure every thing is 110%.


Answered 7th Aug 2016

I am a current niceic approved contractor but will be changing to either napit or Elecsa next year due to the niceic prices they charge you. All of the organisations mention do the same job by checking your work, making sure you have the right equipment (testers calibrated etc) checking your insurances and most important checking you have the correct qualifications to carry out electrical works. The bottom line is who you feel most comfortable with doing you’re job. I would check they have city and guilds qualifications for current Bs7671 regs and 2391 testing and inspection and if they do that proves they have taken the time to train and know there job, on top of this exsperience goes a long way and in my 18 years I have learnt more about my trade then ever fought in a class room. Hope this helps.


Answered 24th Oct 2017

Elecsa is part of ECA-Electrical Contractor Association
Probably it's best to ring Elecsa and ask them directly.
0845 634 9043,01623 683000
And NICEIC-0870 013 0382


Answered 29th Sep 2011

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