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Do you need to powerflush a completely new central heating installed?

We are about to replace the current central heating, meaning, new boiler, new pipes, new radiators, new everything One of the boiler engineers quoted for powerflush too? Why do you need to power flush a system that is being changed entirely? Thank you

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You do not require a power flush on a new system but the installer should carry out a hot flush of the system to remove any flux debris etc.
After numerous flushes and assuming there are no leaks an Inhibitor needs to be added. I generally use Fernox MB1


Answered 26th Dec 2015

No, a manual chemical flush is sufficient as long as it is in line with manufactures instructions most Benchmarks only required the system to be cleaned with Fernox F3 or Sentinel X300 and then add inhibitor Fern ox F1 Or Sentinel X100


Answered 21st Apr 2017

I always do a power flush on new systems. Using system cleansers and a heater element. Others have said chemical hot flush using the boiler but this allows flux, solder and any other debris to be drawn into the new boiler. Which will cause damage! Most manufacturers recommend flushing the system without the boilers connected for this reason. Thanks


Answered 20th May 2017

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