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During heavy rain i can hear drip in unused chimney

The property is over 100 years old and is an miners row style terrace cottage - we are end terrace. We had full roof replaced when we moved in two years ago. at this time the roofer asked if we wanted to knock off the chimney stack, but we kept it. recently during really heavy rains we can hear a loud drip in the area of the chimney in the upstairs of the property. I dont want to ignore this as concerned it may show later as a damp problem. We dont have sign of water or damp in the area of the chimney in either the upper of ground floor. We cant see any external damage. What could this be? Should be have this checked over? It only happens during heavy torrential rains.

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sounds like you need you need a chimney cap/cowl
10 minute job


Answered 1st Oct 2011

possibly the flaunching to the top of the chimney has deteriated and is letting water down the old flue and the water is hitting the bend of the flue making the dripping sound as it lands on it


Answered 1st Oct 2011

I would recommend that you have you'r chimney caped, this is a cover that stops rain from going down inside of chimney flue pipe ,it is easy to fit and still
allows air ventilation, also stops birds from nesting in chimney it is sometimes called a ( chinese hat )
Also i would recommend having you'r chimney sealed this stops rain from penetrateing into brick work.
Again this should not be to expensive to do.


Answered 4th Oct 2011

Have you got a rain guard fitted to your chimney pot, if not get one fitted, with a vent, as stack needs to breathe, if nothing is obvious from ground level you will need a builder/roofer to get up and take a look.
Could be numerous things, pointing, lead flashings or soakers, back/front aprons or broken tiles.


Answered 1st Oct 2011

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