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Replaced domestic consumer unit

I had my consumer unit replaced by a local Qualified Electrician recently. I requested an appropriate certificate for my peace of mind and assurance. To date I have not received the certificate and would like to know what certification is required. Is there any other action that should have been taken regarding this work?

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You should have been given an Electrical Installation Certificate when the work was carried out, and then a Compliance Certificate from your local Building Control.

As an aside, NIC, Napit etc ARE NOT governing bodies of any sort, they're merely schemes which are supposed to assess electricians for competency, in reality, they sign anyone off as competent as long as they pay £500 a year. It's a massive problem facing the industry which government will not open their eyes to.



Answered 21st Dec 2015

Hello. you should receive an installation certificate with this work,also if the electrician is with a governing body such as NICEIC, NAPPIT or ELECSA. Which he should be when doing domestic type work he will be in the Part 'P' scheme which is also a requirement for most work which is notifiable to the local authorities (local council).He should notify the local authorities who will then send an acknowledgement via post that work has been recognised under the part P scheme. all this paperwork should be retained for future reference.
Contact electrician again and request these documents.If He cannot issue for a technical reason he must send you an official technical document stating why .
hope this helps


Answered 19th Dec 2015

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