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Lighting circuits

I have just had an electrician in who was meant to be carrying out a CU Test. He informed me that it was illegal to have lights wired in a 'loop at switch'. This would then mean that both lighting circuits would need rewiring. Which from the research i have done does not seem to be true? It would be great if a professional could confirm this for me.

Thanks in-advance for your help.

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Loop in switch? I assume you mean there are neutrals present in the switches, using the switch effectively as a joint box. As for " illegal" what law has been broken? This would be a C3 on an EICR. Only my opinion though not knowing the full facts.


Answered 19th Dec 2015

Please ignore him, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with looping at switches.

There are three ways that lighting circuits are wired. One is through a central junction box, another is 3 plate method of looping in and out at each light, and the third is looping at the switches.

Please rest assured that the arrangement you have is neither illegal or worthy of a C3 (improvement recommended), and is actually the way that's lot of lighting circuits are wired now. It's not my personal choice to wire that way, but a lot of people do and it's perfectly acceptable.



Answered 21st Dec 2015

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