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Installing downlights


I am interested in having dimmable LED downlights installed in my flat. I have been told by an electrician that standard fittings with a LED bulb would be the ideal solution as you do not have to replace the whole fitting when the lamp blows. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

Is there a difference between the quality of fittings you get, for instance the bulk buy packs at screwfix vs the individual fittings e.g Aurora M5, 7, 10's etc. If so which are the best brands of downlights to buy for LED liights?

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If you're installing the fittings from scratch, then by far the best thing to do is to install integrated LED fittings. The reason why you can't just change the lamp in these fittings is purely because the lamps very rarely go. Choosing standard fittings with LED lamps may be cheaper but it's a terrible idea in my opinion and I can't understand why an electrician would recommend it. The integrated LED fittings are far more reliable than standard down lights with LED lamps.

As for brands, I always fit JCC down lights myself, they have a 10 yr guarantee, they are lovely to work with and they look good. For dimmable ones, you would want to go for the JCC LED6. Aurora also have a very good reputation, I just prefer to work with JCC.


Answered 18th Dec 2015

I would recommend the integrated LED fittings. The downlights have to be from a manufacturer with a good reputation no point in a 10 year guarantee if they go out of business shortly after.

Usually these integrated LED fittings come fire rated, dimmable and a long guarantee 5 - 10 years. So once you've got a fire hood and dimmable lamp for a regular fitting you'll find its most likely the cheaper option too.

I recommend BELL - British Electric lamps Ltd Est 1920.


Answered 12th Jan 2017

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