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Installing an extractor fan

What do I need if im fitting an extractor fan into an industrial kitchen. I have found a heavy duty fan (metal) but what elso will I need?
Many Thanks

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Hi vanny,

Thank you for posting a question, firstly its important to understand that any electrical work should not be carried out by anybody other than a qualified electrician.

As well as having the correct tools and equipment to install you extractor, which would consist of the correct size supply, wiring & isolation the fan will also need to be ducted and cored out (this may require a specialist depending on the size of hole and whether the electrician is happy to core and install fan they may only wish to install supply.

Also as you mentioned this is for an industrial kitchen there for commercial, the work must be certified to ensure safety and if it is not will probably void your insurance.

I understand this is not quite what you wanted to know but it is important that this work is carried out in accordance with the regulations.

Should you have any further questions or advice please feel free to respond or to contact a local qualified electrician.

Many Thanks
Lazlo Beesley
Revamp Electrics


Answered 11th Jan 2016

I am unsure where you 'found' the industrial fan, but the best advice I can give you is don't attempt the job yourself but get a qualified commercial electrician to do it.


Answered 31st Mar 2017

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