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Central heating boiler pressure 'slowly' dropping

Hi. I'm hoping you might be able to offer some help with this. Basically, I have a combi boiler and have noticed the pressure has been dropping. I filled it to 1.5 about a month ago and it has now dropped to 1. There are no leaks coming from the radiators although there is a slight dripping from the main external pipe. Is this something that I should be worried about given how slowly the pressure has been dropping

Many thanks for any advice you are able to offer

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The drip on the external pipe is from the 'pressure relief discharge pipe'. Chances are the pressure relief valve will need replacing, especially if it is left to drip for a long time. This will cause the pressure to drop in the system and result in the boiler over heating from lack of circulation. This is a simple job that needs fixing before it causes bigger problems. In extreme weather the drip can freeze and eventually cause the pipe to be blocked by a plug of ice. This then can be potentially dangerous as the pressure relief valve is a safety feature and should under no circumstances be capped off!


Answered 19th Dec 2015

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