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Mystery switches

My first problem is: I have 2 socket switches in our 1950s flat - one in the kitchen and one in the lounge. The flex runs up from the floor and switching them on/off does absolutely nothing. What's the safest way of disconnecting the sockets and hiding the flex?
Just had the room replastered and about to fit new skirting which is much higher than the sockets were positioned.
My second problem is: the flex that runs to the 3 double sockets (surface mounted) is too short to raise them above the skirting height (140mm). From what i can see on other forums, because it is an old house i could fit the surface mounting to the skirting ... which would look a bit #*%@. I presume drilling a hole through the skirting and flush mounting the socket face to the skirting without a back box (to reduce how much they protrude) is asking for a fire?! The walls appear to be built with cinder blocks which are a nightmare to get through
Any thoughts (without too much abuse) would be greatly received.


3 Answers from MyBuilder Electricians

My advice for all your questions and problems would be to call an electrician in tbh. Just read the other answer, electrical work in kitchens is no longer notifiable work, but if you get a spark in don't forget to get a certificate.


Answered 14th Dec 2015


Any alterations in the kitchen need notification, this can be done DIY but is really really expensive and time consuming, if caught without notifcation you could be prosecuted as it is a criminal offence.

Also, the general public see the cable and the ease of connection and believe that this is all that needs to be done. THE most important thing is the testing done after EVERY alteration to ensure safe operation based on the type of earthing system your home has..

Asking an electrician in with Part P registration is the way to go here.


Answered 14th Dec 2015

Kitchen electrical work DOES NOT require notification to Building Control.

Work should be tested properly though and that's not something that you would be able to do.


Answered 18th Dec 2015

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