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Mystery leak in extension

When converting an existing garage into a room should they have put a membrane on top of the concrete garage floor?. Builder is saying no. We now have water which is sitting on top of the concrete under insulation and boarding and laminate floor. Water is also rising up the downstairs toilet wall and hallway. We have had all live pipes checked (leak detection agency), drains (CCTV), main water pipe and they are not leaking. One plumber checked ground under concrete and it is dry. He thinks rain water is coming in but it is in the middle of property and no signs of water damage on interior wall on exterior wall of the property. It's like a mystery but floor is completely ruined. Insurance won't help until we find the source of the leak which we cannot! They won't even recommend anyone to help.

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Do you have any problems with water on the garage floor before it was converted?


Answered 31st Jan 2016

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