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What size of bolier do i need .

Hi just bought a 2bed bungalow im changing to 3bed . It has no gas central heating I will have 3beds hall living room big kitchen bathroom and ensuite . Can you suggest what size of bolier to get . I will be putting in one shower off the heating system and one electric . Thanks . And id prefer to buy worchester bosch tbh just need model I will need

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If you want to make a significant cost saving chose a Ideal Logic Plus 30kw combi. W-B are over priced and over rated in my opinion.

The Ideal comes as standard with a full 7 year manufacturers warranty as opposed to only a standard 5 year with the W-B boiler!


Answered 13th Dec 2015

Worcester Greenstar 32cdi compact would be ideal for you. Lewis, Corstorphine Gas Services


Answered 10th Dec 2015

You need to determine the incoming flow rate if it is 11 litre per min the a 30kw boiler if you only have 8lpm coming in to the property then a 24kw would be better suited, combi boilers are sized to hot water requirements and that is determined by the incoming supply. Also bare in mind a combi is not suitable if you would like to run more than one outlet at a time.


Answered 18th Dec 2015

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