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Heating and hot water issues

For past 2 months sporadically our heating will not work and we will have no hot water too , strange as usually the next day it will be back to normal and work like a dream for 5/6 days before having problems again, We had boiler serviced in the summer and engineer said that the circuit board could need replacing in the future so was wondering if these tendencies are what happens when you need the circuit board fixing? or any other clues as what could be the issue , our boiler is a glowworm ultimate.
Many Thanks

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Heating Engineer

wait until boiler get problem then call a proper engineer to check . as long as the boiler working properly it wont be easy to determine the fault , or might the boiler went to interlock for any reason then after resetting came back to normal operation . yes circuit board can be funny sometimes as well.


Answered 2nd Jan 2016

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