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Era dead lock won't lock / unlock

I have an ERA dead lock fitted on my flat door and one day it suddenly stopped working, and I was locked out.

I was able to turn the key all the way to the very end as usual, but the dead bolt just refused to move. A locksmith came and pull the cylinder out a bit and suddenly it worked! He then kindly changed one of the long screws on the faceplate and told me it was caused by a misalignment.

However, I'm having the same problem again after 3 months, luckily this time, the dead bolt is stuck at 'open' position.

Please, anyone has any idea how to fix it? What is causing the problem? And how to prevent it from happening again?

Thanks very much.

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Hi there, I would recommend getting rid of the era. I find them useless .

I assume you have a euro profile mortice deadlock ? And the chap changed the euro cylinder .

It's a very easy job , take it out and either order a new one. Union are good.

Also check if the receiver for any damage , perhaps the bolt was encountering resistance and this has caused it to fail . Should be a free and smooth action

Hope this helps


Answered 12th Dec 2015

Could be internal parts failing bolt is catching on faceplate. Best thing to do is remove the lock and check for signs of rubbing on the bolt, get a new lock and have it installed correctly. Most locksmiths will offer a guarantee as standard for parts and labour.


Answered 21st Dec 2017

I think you really need to change the lock, before you remain locked out again.
As my colleagues previously said, try buying something different than the ERA


Answered 31st Oct 2019

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